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Sunday, March 18, 2012

They Got Me.....

I have been able to evade the sweet little vested girls for the past month.  The tables piled high with confections as sweet as the cherubs standing in front of the table.  Have you noticed that the girls get younger as the month goes on?  This is a brilliant marketing move! 

We were leaving Lowes this afternoon and sure enough 
there were the two little blondes sporting their vests.  

I hear a small.....sad......nasally voice ask, 
“Would you like to buy some cookies?” 
“No thank you,” I replied as I passed by on the way out to my car.

The next sound I heard tugged on my heartstrings.  

It was the saddest, “Ohhhhhhh….”  
that I have heard in a very long time.  

Those strings bungeed me back into the store 
and back to that table. 

“I changed my mind.  I would LOVE some cookies.” 
The sparkle came into the eye and there was the smile!  

And she got me for not one, but TWO boxes.....

As a post script note....rumor has it 
Tall Man has a closet in his office with two cases of each cookie.  
He obviously made a Girl Scouts sales goal for her Cookie Badge!!
I am so glad those cookies are not close to home!

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