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Friday, March 23, 2012

A Sentimental Friday

I am a proud Mamma.  I have three wonderful children.

Sure, there are those days…..

Then their gifts shine through.

My eldest, Peanut, has so much beauty and kindness.  And a voice!    She popped out singing, and has never quit.  She went off to college to study music.  Then, in the middle of her Junior year, she announces she is changing her major to ART!  This is the child who was flustered in any art class in high school.  She brought home her first pieces from her fabric design classes and…….WHOA……I have an artist!  I am inspired by her passion and her drive to delve into something new.  I wish for her to always have that passion in everything she does and to inspire those around her with her smile.

Frog is the middle child.  She spoke her own language with Peanut as her official translator.  She speaks softly, until she sees an injustice, and then WATCH OUT!  She will clench her fists so tight her knuckles turn white!  And then she will voice her opinion, loudly.  She wasn’t always like that.  She was quiet, but she had a spark, and then someone tried to put that spark out.  We had to fight to help her find that spark again.  I am so excited for her as she sets off for the brave new world of Nebraska in the fall.  She is an artist too.  Her world is full of swirls and delight.  I wish for her to keep her flame burning brightly and to be able to help others find their way when they get lost.

And finally, my baby, and my only Man Child.  He has grown so much and I know his future is bright.  I have to remind myself he is forced to live in a house full of women (yes, both dogs are females too) and he misses Tall Man when he is away.  I am trying to help him find manly things to do.  As a teen age boy, I wish for him wisdom to do his homework and practice his horn.  I wish he would clean up after himself and I wish he would know when to take the trash out without having to ask him to……oops.  I guess my wishes went in a different direction for the youngest in the household.

And for myself?  I wish to stay young at heart so I may enjoy all of their fun as they continue to grow into fabulous adults who have the ability to change this world for the best!!

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