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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Life Lesson Learned in School

I had a favorite Language Arts teacher.  She always painted a vivid picture while reading to us or even when she shared her own stories. 

We came to school one day and heard there had been an accident in her home.  When she returned to school a day later, I learned a lesson that I will never forget.  There aren’t many of those high school moments that can impact daily life as you get older.  This one did.

There was a fire.  She stood in front of our class and explained she had remodeled her dining room a couple of years before.  She was very proud of herself.  She did it on her own!  She painted.  She wallpapered. She hung a new chandelier above her dining room table. 

She followed all of the directions, however, she was missing an item listed and made a substitution. 

You see, she didn’t have any electrical tape.  So she just grabbed a roll of masking tape out of the junk drawer and taped up all those wires.  She hung that chandelier and stood back in awe.  Yep.  She did it herself.

You know the outcome now…..the tape dried over the years and eventually…..fire.  There is a reason that the tape aisle contains five hundred types of tape.  Always get the proper tool for the job.

Life Lesson?  
Never use masking tape for electrical work.  
It will set the house on fire.

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