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Monday, March 26, 2012

Another Day in My Short World


Daylight Savings Time.

It is not only the change in sleep patterns.  There are things to do around the house.  The reminders.

Change the batteries in everything.....but especially the smoke detectors.

I am not sure how this happens twice a year, but Tall Man is ALWAYS gone when it is time to change the batteries in the smoke detectors.

I have a week.  Less than seven days. Tall Man will be home.  I moved this task to the bottom of the Spring To-Do List.  Five days to be exact......




It started at 0318.  That is 3:18 AM to all you civilians out there.

I turned my fan on so I wouldn't hear the chirp.....then I froze my buns off.  Yeah - it was the window fan and it was 47 degrees out.

But I slept.

So this should be easy, right?  Take the battery out, put the new one in.  Did I mention the detectors  are hard wired into the house?  When you take one battery out, they ALL start chirping.  UGH!

I am short.....the boy can help!

We struggled for an hour trying to get batteries to seat correctly in the tray.  They have swivel trays.  They are above my head. They have no metal snap to plug the 9-volt battery into.  You just place the battery in the tray, swivel it back into the chirping disc on the ceiling and voile, it is done.  Sure.  Easy.  NOT!

The questions started:
1. Why can't smoke sink?  The detectors could be on the ground.
2. Would a hammer take care of it?
3. Can we rip it out of the ceiling?
4. How long would we hang from the wires before we fell to the ground?
5. How hard do you have to throw a 9-volt battery so it sticks into the wall and how many times would we throw it before we hit the wall and not the window or any other glass object?

We finally got it....43 minutes of arms above head...me on my tippy tippy toes.  The Man Child's monkey arms reached just fine, but he just didn't get the right angle on the battery.

Love you Tall Man.
Welcome to Monday and another exciting week!

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