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Friday, March 7, 2014

Goats Can't Read

While we were living in the area of Detroit, it never failed that the telephone would ring during dinner time.  Our general rule was never to answer the phone during meal time. Dinner was the time to unwind, to relax, to enjoy family and stories of the day…….

The phone rang for about a week….
     ….about the same time…..
         ……every night…..

Tall Man finally excused himself and said it was time to find out what was so important.

He answers the phone.
It was a magazine sales telemarketer.

I hear Tall Man explain that he doesn't read magazines and he really wasn't interested.

Now….this is where I must paraphrase and guess on some of the conversation.  I was only hearing one side of this conversation, and I must say I was intrigued by the responses of the Tall Man.  So…here it goes…the conversation went something like this:

(Well, there must be something we have that you might be interested in.  What type of hobbies do you have, sir?)

You know, I am a goat herder.  Do you have anything specific for goat herders?

( That is a new one for me, but let me look.  I am sure I can find something that you would like...... I do see some magazines for farming.)

No.  I don’t farm. I just herd goats.

( I do have one here called Goat Rancher.  It might take a little longer for you to get set up through us, but I do believe I can arrange it for you. Do you have another hobby or interest?)

I do enjoy mountain climbing with my goats.

(Yes.... I do think I can find a publication that you would enjoy on that topic.  I have a few titles you could choose from.  ( I am not quite sure what titles were given at this point because I was rolling on the floor laughing about now.  The telemarketer listed of a few choices and Tall Man agreed to something.)  Do you have one more hobby or interest?  We have a special right now that if you choose three magazines, I can give you the three magazines for the price of two!)

My only other hobby is weaving.  I love to make ponchos from the goat fiber I collect after I give them a good brushing.

( Absolutely, sir!  I am confident I can find a magazine from Interweave Press!) 

That is just wonderful.  This is kind of exciting to get some magazines.  It might be enjoyable to sit down, pet my favorite goat, and read a bit. 

( That sounds wonderful, sir!  Is there anything else you can think of that I could help you with or find for you? Otherwise, I will just finalize this order and let you get back to your dinner.)

Do these magazines come in braille editions?

(Excuse me, sir?)

Well, I am a blind goat herder, and I am confident that my goats won’t be able to read them to me......do they come in braille?


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