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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Car Troubles

I woke this morning under a little stress. 

Yesterday we took one of our cars in for a check engine light.  The estimate came back a little higher than we thought it would, but, such is life in the modern age of too many cars and children.

In the afternoon, my darling Tall Man decided to treat me with cleaning my car for me, de-winterizing it of all the salt and sand of a very long winter.  I received this report from the Man Child as soon as I walked in the door from school.  It went something like this……. “I told him he should not be doing all the work in the garage with the car radio on, but he didn't listen……he broke your car.”

….deep breath…….deep breath……deep breath……

My head is scrambled.  How am I going to squeeze this out of a budget that is already screaming this month from all the other unexpected bills that have crept up a little earlier than expected.

It will be fine.  This will all work out.  Don’t worry.  Don’t stress.  God will provide.  ……deep breath……deep breath……don’t hyperventilate……

We woke up this morning to take the car down.  Tall Man said he would just take it and wait for the ride to bring him back home.   Is he guilting me?  Is he using those puppy dog eyes on me?  I will shower…..I will come get moving here and drive down too.  It will be magical bonding time…..time alone.

He set off a little earlier than me.  Come to find out, it was because he had to drive a little slower than normal.  One of the missed details from yesterday was that the moon roof was stuck open and the screen that lets the ENTIRE top of the car exposed to the elements.  It was a brisk morning drive down to the dealership with the glorious whomp whomp whomp of the driving with the windows open.

I finally pulled up to the Luxury Dealership to the darling Tall Man standing with two cups of glorious Starbucks steaming in his hands.  We just pull out of the parking space to head home and his phone rings.  “Your car is done!”

Five minutes.  That is how much time elapsed from the drop off.  Five minutes.

We drove around the lot and pulled back into the garage pass through.  They just had to reset the timing from the battery running down.  No fuses.  No sensors. 

….No charge……..

So let’s recap. 
Deep breathing.
Lay it out to God in prayer.
No bill.
Starbucks and a Pop Tart in the Luxury Lounge.

Add it all together and get a romantic date in our marriage………

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