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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The T-Shirt Incident

This image has been circulating on Facebook lately and it got me thinking about another time......

A long, long time ago, in a magical land called Germany, there lived a young prince and princess.  They had been married a little over a year and the young prince had just returned from a small battle in a sandbox in a far, distant land.

The princess wanted to take her handsome prince to see the sights of this glorious land they were residing in.  There were beautiful castles and lakes and forests that needed to be explored!

There was a castle hidden in the magical Spessart forests that the young princess knew her handsome prince would love!

It was referred to as the wasserschloss (water castle) because of the moat surrounding the lodge, but it was really known for being a hunting lodge.  The prince loved the hunt and was excited to go see this choice piece of real estate.

Along the way, was a small village that sold snacks, candies and souvenirs to the common tourist.  The prince and princess weren't interested in these trivial tokens because they knew the memory of the day, strolling through the woods, holding hands, and seeing history come to life would be a lasting memory in itself.

A tiny, elderly villager caught the eye of the young prince, and beckoned him to her booth.  She cast a spell upon him and enticed him with the magical essence of marzipan!

The young prince was overtaken with the magical marzipan fruits
and ate
                              ............one of them.

As the young couple strolled through the properties and viewed the trophies in the Great Hall, the young prince began to not feel well.  He decided he should look for the Royal Honey-bucket and set off with a quick step.

The princess began to worry when the young prince did not return as quickly as she thought.  She began to look for him around the village and the honey-bucket, but he was no where to be seen.  She settled on the bridge to wait for her handsome prince to return to her.  When he finally emerged from the forest, she was fearful of his appearance.  She was frightened that he had settled upon some malady.

The young prince exclaimed that the honey-buckets of this strange land required coinage to enter!  He had never heard of such a thing and did not have the coinage of this land (since he had just returned from a far away sandbox).  He had thought of breaking down the door with his strong, handsome prince shoulders, but he got the stink eye from a squire standing near by.  So he slipped into the woods where no coins would be needed.

The princess was aghast!  She asked the prince if he would like some of the coins of the land so he could "clean himself up".

He exclaimed he was fine and just a little chilly.
He was also missing the back of his royal t-shirt.....


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