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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Just An Average Day....

It has been a stressful one....

Cell phone contracts....ugh.....what more can I say....ugh!

So the Tall Man is home and he steps in and fixes it.  He makes it happen.  He goes to the supervisor (I was getting there - I just wasn't at my full range of rage yet!) and everything is good.  Once again....ugh!

At the end of all of it, all I could say was, "I need an Orange Blossom."

Agreed by all.

Tall Man pulled out the trusty old Kitchen Aid Blender.  (We just figured out we purchased it almost 20 years ago.  It is a little off balance and I have replaced the lid seal with a piece of craft foam that I cut to kinda fit the lid because I ran the other one through the garbage disposal about ten years ago but it still got the job done.)  He put it together - loaded it with ice, pina colada mixer and two shots of Bacardi O (because it tastes better with two shots......heck - everything tastes better with TWO shots...)

He pushes that little magic button and we hear the whir of the ice turning into slushy yumminess.

He grabs the handle of the blender jar and gives it a slight turn and lifts to remove it from the base......and.......

.......the blender jar separates from the collar that holds the blade assemble in place - along with ALL OF THE LIQUID INSIDE!  

We stood and stared in amazement as the icy, white lava slowly slid down the base...across the counter....down the front of the dishwasher and onto the floor to the waiting puppies preparing to lap up a bit of heaven.

Tall Man sprang into action, being all he could be, to capture as much of the slush as he could.  He scooped.  He threw towels.  He even managed to save a glass of Orange Blossom for me!

We continued to watch the goo slide down the base of the blender, so Tall Man grabbed the base and leaned toward the sink.  He threw the water on and began to rinse and turn the blender.  I squeaked,  "You can't put that under water!"  

That is when it happened.  That realization that everything starts to move in slow motion.

Tall Man said, "It's fiiiiiine...."  .....as he begins to rotate the blender base and the water fall begins out of the open vent holes in the bottom of the base.  The look on his face as he realized - Nooooo - it probably wasn't such a great idea to run it underwater.......oops.  We have a blender emergency.......crap.

So a trip to the box store and a side trip to the party store and ...... we are back in business!  A little sticky....but definitely a sweet ending to the evening with my whole family home.

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