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Friday, July 11, 2014

Citizenship 101 Taught By A Child

I hate crowds.

Well, maybe hate is a strong word.  If there is an event where there is a large crowd, I will usually be at home, in a crowd of markers and pencils.

This 4th of July, we had plans to relax a little......until.....

Frog finally found an apartment! We looked at calendars and tried to coordinate a time to get stuff from Iowa.......all the way over to Nebraska.

As the holiday approached, I asked Tall Man if he would take a small break and drive out with me.....honestly, so he could lift all the heavy stuff!

We also surprised Frog with PUPPY!

So happy together......Puppy was glued to Frog the whole time!
I stuck around to help with cleaning and putting some of Frog's things away.  Frog and her beau decided I had to go see the celebrations downtown.  Did I mention that it was the Fourth of July?  And did I mention that Frog lives in "America's Small Town 4th of July City" otherwise known as Seward, Nebraska?

We walked downtown to check out the food, the crafts, the food, vendors, the food, events at the bandshell,  the food, and the highlight was ...... the parade!

I do love a parade.

I love the people watching of a parade,
but I still hate the crowds.

There were some very obnoxious teens and more obnoxious parents, so we walked the parade route.  I knew I wanted to get pictures of this event and blog about it.  We stopped in an open spot, with a nice view of all of the floats!

...and this! We haven't quite figured this guy out yet.
It was all the normal parade stuff. Firetrucks, cars with grand marshals, pretty girls, and....

....this! I wonder if she went beyond peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for this award!

Then I saw her.  See her in the picture above too?

She waved at the parade as it passed by, she chatted with other kids waiting for candy to be thrown, she bartered with other kids so she could get different candies, or maybe her favorite candies.....the joy in her smile, the wonder in her eyes, the happiness of a parade.

What she did next though......
She stood out on the street, gathering, collecting the treasures that were thrown and then she walked back to the curbside and.....

.......gave it all away.....

...again and again.

This is what it means to be a neighbor.
This is what it means to be a friend.
This is compassion.

This is citizenship.
This is America.

I have tears, even now as I write this.
This little girl stirred a passion in me.....
       .......to give without any thought of self.....
         .......to love my neighbor, even if they are a stranger to me.

I bent down and told her mother that she should be so proud of her daughter. She is a very special soul.  Her mom explained that she is actually fifteen years old and she is a special needs child.

I corrected the mom.

Her daughter is a very SPECIAL child!

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