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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Puppy Poll

In this crazy political season, we decided we needed to have a little bit of reality to the craziness of the phones ringing and the door pounding.  So.....we are holding the First Electoral Puppy Poll.

We introduced our candidates:

Then we introduced our voters to their candidates:

Puppy took time to meet and greet with both.

Old Dog wanted her voice to be heard...I am not sure who was listening though.

Then it was time to cast votes.

We did make sure the voting booth
was handicap accessible. We did not want to 
against any of the Old Dogs out there.

We decided to let Old Dog go first.  She was quite vocal going into the voting arena.  She was giving her two cents worth the whole time.   

And her final vote was...

I guess Old Dog is a Democrat at heart and 
cast her vote for that Health Care Reform!!

Then it was Puppy's turn.

She was very enthusiastic about casting her vote!

And there was never a question in her mind of WHO to vote for.  

Yep....Puppy is Republican 
through and through!!

The final results are in.....

......it was a tie.  And I think in the end??

There is no winner in the world of Puppy Polls....

.....or is there?

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