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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Gluing Chickens

No…this isn’t what you think.  I am not trying to glue feathers back on chickens, or even trying to glue chickens together…..

This was a lesson on how to use a glue bottle.  This was a lesson for second grade chickens who love to make lakes using glue.  (Yes….this is the group that in kindergarten, when I told them to open the glue bottles, one of the darling chickens opened more than the orange twisty and poured the whole bottle on the table.  It was cool, but a mess to clean up.)

The project was to draw yourself and cut it out.  
Trace around yourself on black paper and cut it out.  
Voile……..a shadow!  
Then we had to find Wendy……..you know Wendy?  
She had to sew Peter’s shadow on after he lost it. 
 But we used glue.

But.....where do we put glue when we are gluing?.....

The first answer is always on the big paper and then stick the stuff to it!

So I have to ask…..”What if your glue is in the wrong place though?”

So we decided as a class that our people needed skeletons to make them stick right.  We didn’t want any hands or feet waving at the people looking at our pictures on the wall!

How do we glue the squares? 

Do we glue the paper?
Or do we glue the square?

Do we put the bottle next to the paper?
Do we make it an olympic sport to see how far
away our bottles before we miss the paper?

Kids typically love a huge gobber of glue on that square.  Then then complain about all the run off. 

I tried hard to explain to make a circle – 
                                      not much glue needed……

Of course there is that one group…
…always doing their own thing……
….and I got……

I reminded them what the instructions were and then caught myself saying,
“There is no fun in art!......stop having fun with your glue!”

The kids loved it…….giggling away.

A finished chicken....
I LOVE the big feet!

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