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Saturday, September 7, 2013

New-fangled Dishwasher?

“Why is there Tupperware in the washing machine?”

What? What did I just hear coming out of the Man Child’s mouth?
Tupperware?  Washing machine?

I ran down to see what he was talking about, and in his hand…
     …a round, red Ziploc plastic container in one hand….
             ….the screw on lid in the other hand.


Flashback to yesterday.  End of the day, I started stacking all of the items I needed to bring home from school; computer bag, laundry basket with wet paint rags, purse, and, I almost forgot, my container of oatmeal that I never took time to eat for breakfast.  Holy buckets, that would have been pretty gross Tuesday morning when I came back in to work.  I bundled everything up and tossed the red Ziploc container into my laundry basket laden full of red classroom rags.  Got home….scooped laundry into the washer and swooped down to the studio.

Fast forward to my laundry room this morning.

Yup. A Man Child holding a spanky, clean Ziploc container and a washer full of........
              …..glued rags.

Peanut wondered out loud…… ”How does this stuff always happen to you?”

I guess I am just blessed!

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