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Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Road Well Traveled 2013: 3.1 Can You See Me?

Southward, ho!

On to Sparta, WI to see.....

The World's Largest Eyeball!
We found out at lunch, that we were lucky to have planned our trip when we did.  The eyeball is being dismantled and is being shipped to it's new owner in Texas.....'cause all things big go to Texas!

The eyeball is at the factory that creates ALL the large fiberglass items we see everyday.  The ones in parks, swimming pools and mascots such as Big Boy.

There was a mass graveyard of molds that stretched forever.  We drove through, but a sign warned weary explorers of wasp and hornet nests.  YIKES!

No thank you!
Is that a Big Boy??

Hey Tall Man! How would this look
mounted on the wall?

Let me help...You have a boog right there.
I caught a fish THIS big!

What?  A Milk Maid?

No!  A Dairy Queen!
 As an added bonus to our adventures here, we saw this on our way out of the parking lot:

Like I said before, this is a working factory.  They were lifting a hat on a very tall figure.  Anyone recognize that hat??

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