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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Taken For a Ride

Why do women always get taken for a ride at a car dealership? 

Do they really think we are idiots?  

Charging for services they think we will just pay for?

There are crooked people out there that think they can add a charge and get money from you because you just write the check or swipe your card.  They think because they tell you something  HAS to be done – you will just PAY?

I have one service company for my car.  
They do all the work on my vehicle…..vehicles.


So when I am told that I have added the wrong coolant to my car and now it MUST be flushed and refilled ….. all for the bargain price of $180?

NO!  Check your records.  You are the ONLY place my car comes to…so who added the wrong coolant? 

They continue to insist I will have to pay for this service. 


........call to Tall Man.

Fifteen minutes later – Tall Man calls me and says…..

They will be flushing the coolant and there will be no charge.


A special statement:  
I do want to add that it is not always the fault of a service manager to try to force these add on sales.  Many owners want a certain amount of money to come through their garages each month, so quotas are set for these managers to bring in X number of dollars.  They don't like it either.  I hold no grudge against the gentleman at the desk.  He is just doing his job......at my expense.

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